Behind a blue door in Copenhagen waits not only a culinary experience that serves the nature of the Danish island of Bornholm up on a plate. The restaurant Kadeau also boasts an interior with a passion for natural materials, excellent craftsmanship and seductive features.

Restaurant — Copenhagen
OeO Studio — Photo: Yuta Sawamura


Douglas Pattern, herringbone
Thickness 28 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 1,2 m 
Finish Antracite Grey Oil

The restaurant has a modest exterior. A discreet sign is the only thing to indicate that we have reached our destination. When the blue door opens, we enter a dimly lit hallway decorated with copper engravings and a few designer lamps. At the end of this passage, we find a world of tantalizing smells, passion and warmth.

To the right is a small, exquisite lounge. To the left, a shelving system with pickled and fermented ingredients from the island of Bornholm and close by, the open kitchen and the restaurant itself, which is a welcoming blend of living room and dining room. The restaurant only seats 24 diners, because visiting Nicolai Nørregaard and Rasmus Kofoed’s place should feel like visiting the home of a good friend. That was the brief that was handed to the design agency OeO Studio, which decorated the restaurant with a clear grasp of the gastronomic vision.

The chef and the sommelier grew up together on Bornholm, where they opened the first edition of Kadeau Restaurant in 2007. Since then, a third partner, Magnus Høegh Kofoed, has joined the project, the restaurant has earned a Michelin star, and the three entrepreneurs now also run a bistro and a cider mill where they explore new possibilities.

OeO Studio created the setting in close cooperation with Nicolai, Rasmus and Magnus. Like the food, most of the decor was made from scratch or given a twist. The kitchen was custom-made by cabinetmakers at Garde Hvalsøe in Dinesen Oak. The Gubi sofas have been fitted with longer legs to provide a seating height that matches the tables. The Pattern floor of Dinesen Douglas planks has larger dimensions than a normal herringbone floor and is stained in a dark tone that matches the warm and intimate ambience.

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