With a heart that beats for traditional materials, Byggeselskab Mogens de Linde consulted Dinesen in the restoration of the impressive naval arsenal, Kuglegården, on Holmen, Copenhagen. Together the listed buildings have now been given a new purpose. Today the historic setting houses offices, shops, and showrooms. 

Office Buildings – Holmen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Byggeselskab Mogens de Linde
Photo: Byggeselskab Mogens de Linde


Douglas Natural
Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 200-350 mm. Length: 5,8 m
Finish: Lye and White Soap

On Holmen in Copenhagen lies the remarkable marine arsenal, Kuglegården, designed by Philip de Lange and completed in 1742. For years it served as a naval base, manifesting the power and strength of the kingdom to all foreign enemies. It was used to store cannon balls, hence the name, Kuglegården – The Ball Yard.

The pound signs on the beams in the main wings, which are leased by Louis Poulsen and ferm LIVING, indicate the weight and calibre of the cannon balls. The timber construction in the large stairs in ferm LIVING’s offices is thought to be the original construction from 1771, and in Louis Poulsen’s offices, some of the original floor joists on the building’s top floor have been preserved – beautifully integrated with the new Dinesen floor planks.

Throughout, there are traces of the previous function of Kuglegården, although some elements have been replaced, such as the flooring in the old buildings. The gorgeous hallways are decorated with solid Douglas plank flooring in a perfect interplay with Kuglegården’s many historical details.

“We have tremendous respect for the visions behind the design and construction of Kuglegården. They did not skimp on quality and craftsmanship 250 years ago, so we don’t cut any corners either when we renovate a building today. There is an interesting balance between, on the one hand, highlighting original details and thus telling the story of our cultural heritage and, on the other, bringing a building up to contemporary standards and functions. That takes timeless materials of the highest quality, and Dinesen floors meet that standard. Dinesen has delivered an exceptional product in probably the highest quality there is.”

- Lisa de Linde, Byggeselskab Mogens de Linde

An area that was once off limits to civilians has been transformed into a lively and attractive part of the capital. The intention is to make Kuglegården a creative hub for the city’s architects and companies.

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