Studio Nylenne

Just outside Trondheim, by a beautiful fiord surrounded by enchanting woodlands, we find the home and studio of the artist Anne-Karin Furunes.

Gallery — Norway
Anne-Karin Furunes and Kalle Eriksson


Douglas Classic
Thickness 35 mm. Width 350 mm. Length 7 m 
Finish Lye and White Soap

The newly built studio looks as if it could have been on this site for hundreds of years. Like a cabin by a lake, only on a slightly larger scale. The building aims to enhance rather than disturb its surroundings. The warm, blackish-brown colour gives the building a discreet appearance. Even in this vibrant green setting.

Entering through the door on the back of the building, we step into a space that feels like the inside of an old Viking ship. In the stunning ceiling, the exposed beams run side by side in beautiful symmetry. The room has impressive proportions and provides an exquisite setting for the art. Not least by virtue of the natural light on the 7 metre long Douglas floor planks. Broad shafts of light fall through the panorama window facing the water. In combination with the flooring, the influx of daylight creates a light, airy feel that forms a counterpoint to the powerful works of art.

Anne-Karin Furunes uses light and shadows as essential instruments in her art, and thus, the studio forms an optimal work space. Here, the art works are able to unfold fully to tell their story from every angle.

Tilmeld dig her

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