Tom Dixon Coal Office

In the Tom Dixon Studio in the Coal Office located at Granary Square in London, you will find Dinesen floors in three of the spaces in the downstairs shop.

Showroom — London


Douglas Classic 
Thickness 35 mm. Width 450 mm. Length 14,5 m
Finish Lye and White Oil

Oak Pattern, herringbone
Thickness 30 mm. Width 200 mm. Length 1,8 m
Finish Antracite Grey Oil

The Coal Office was built in 1851 and originally functioned as a main junction for coal distribution in and out of the city. Today, the area around King’s Cross is developing, and the Coal Office building now houses Tom Dixon Studio, a gallery, the Tom Dixon office, a shop and a restaurant.

The downstairs shop consists of six stone arches, three of which have different types of Dinesen flooring, showing the diversity of the Dinesen products. Visitors can experience Dinesen floors in Douglas, HeartOak and Oak Pattern in herringbone. Three different floors with their own expression, showing the endless possibilities with wood from Dinesen.

Tilmeld dig her

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