Dinesen Showroom Copenhagen

Two Spaces Joint at Heart

Dinesen Showroom Copenhagen is a place for inspiration. Its everchanging interior scene is designed to awaken our senses and make the connection with nature as we step inside the historic building where two spaces are unveiled as the Gallery and the Apartment.

On the corner of Søtorvet, in an 1875 building rich in memories and classical architecture, Dinesen Showroom Copenhagen subtly shows on the ground floor. Discover how nature’s calm and serenity are embraced in the Apartment, while excitement and curiosity are evoked when entering the Gallery. Different stories unfold in each part of the showroom, all of which capture the essence of the Dinesen brand, designed to enrich our lives.




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Dinesen Showroom is Located at Søtorvet 5, Copenhagen

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The Apartment at Dinesen Showroom 

A space for stimulation

The Gallery presents you with its multifaceted qualities showcasing experiments, exhibitions and exploration within the design, art and architecture field. A playground of wonder that aims to stimulate your senses using odour, colours, forms, perception, and more. Expect the unexpected!




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The Gallery at Dinesen Showroom


The Gallery at Dinesen Showroom

A space for relaxation

Enter the Apartment, and the sense of home envelopes you. The familiar is embodied in this aesthetic space, where recognisable strokes of design, appealing colours and balancing materials and textures create an atmosphere soothing for your soul.

Each part of the showroom serves a purpose engrained in the Dinesen brand – the grand, natural aesthetic of the Apartment and the playful, explorative possibilities embedded in the Gallery. While one stays timeless, the other is contemporary. Thus, the Gallery always represents Dinesen's collaborations in curious displays. 


Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday: 9:00 to 17:00

Saturday: 10:00 to 15:00

Mondays and Sundays: Closed


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The Apartment at Dinesen Showroom


The Apartment at Dinesen Showroom

What to explore in the Gallery

This autumn/winter, the Gallery at Dinesen Showroom Copenhagen is taken over by Etage Projects. Dinesen and Etage Projects come together to push the lines between art and design, abstraction and function. Dinesen believes in fostering a play-driven culture and providing a platform for emerging talent to challenge industry norms.


On a backdrop of Dinesen wood, Etage Projects showcases curated art pieces by national and international artists. The installation displays artwork of humour and poetry, conflicting functions, vibrant colours and multiple materials by artists such as FOS, Karl Monies, Bahraini-Danish, Kueng Caputo, Soft Baroque and more.


Enjoy the encounter of wood and art at the Dinesen x Etage takeover.




Dinesen x Etage takeover


Dinesen x Etage takeover

Art After Hours event – Thursday 2 November 2023 

Join the official opening of Dinesen x Etage Projects on 2 November from 4-6 p.m. Enjoy refreshments and explore the curated art collection in the presence of Dinesen Wood.

Click here to register for the event.



Dinesen Showroom

Søtorvet 5, 1371 Copenhagen


About Etage Projects

Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based design gallery specialising in a cross-aesthetic method. Etage Projects works with creatives who form their praxis between established notions of contemporary art and design, thereby seeking to extend and enrich the collective and interdisciplinary culture field.




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