Dinesen third generation and employees at the production facility in Jels, Denmark

Bespoke solutions in wood since 1898

Our love of wood and respect for nature have been Dinesen’s key motivation since 1898.

Over five generations, this passion for wood has been passed down, and the craft has been refined and continued.

Today, Dinesen is guided by the same principles of responsibility, curiosity, care and quality, and our beautiful floor planks continue to be produced in the small town of Jels in Denmark, where it all began.

A family-run company with a love of wood

Dinesen was founded in 1898 by Hans Peter Dinesen. Back then, the company was called Jels Savværk (Jels Sawmill) and had its production facility and shop in the town of Jels in South Jutland, Denmark. Later, the company was renamed to include the family name, continuing as Dinesen Floors.

The love of wood and Hans Peter’s passion for working with the best quality the forest had to offer were the driving forces of the company. For generations, the respect for nature has been passed down from father to son, all of whom grew up on the old sawmill and continued the family’s passion for wood.

Initially, the demand came from the local area – today, we deliver floor planks all over the world. However, the foundations of this family-run company remain unchanged. Dinesen is based on respect for nature and raw wood, uncompromising quality and close relations with clients and business partners, who share our passion.

The founder of Dinesen, Hans Peter Dinesen

‘Wood is a living material. We take pride in producing unique floors that respect the personality of the tree and conserve the wealth of nature.’

Dinesen first, second and third generations at the production facility in Jels, Denmark

Danish craft traditions

Our seed was sown, sprouted and thrived in the small town of Jels. This is where the Jels Savværk (Jels Sawmill) was founded and where we still produce the world-renowned Dinesen planks.

The solid craftsmanship that is behind our solid wooden planks has been continually refined since the early days in 1898, and the high level of quality has remained unchanged. Our experience with wood has been handed down from the first to the fourth generation, and Dinesen’s basic philosophy has always been to utilise as much of the raw wood as possible, out of respect for nature. Today, modern technology is an equally natural a part of our production as the original craft traditions.

Hans Peter Dinesen, third generation

‘I can trace our love of wood two generations back and two generations forward, so someone much further back must have sown that seed.’

Hans Peter Dinesen, third generation

Made in Denmark with heart

The family-run company has seen considerable growth since 1898, when the raw wood was processed using simple tools in a space of a few square metres at the sawmill.

Today, Dinesen has a production facility of several thousand square metres, where new technology and specialized machinery make for a more efficient process. What has not changed is the human engagement in every aspect of craft and quality.

The passion for wood is present throughout the production process as we strive to make the most of every single plank.

‘Only with an eye for detail can we achieve the perfect result. From that, we can create extraordinary experiences in wood.’

Thomas Dinesen fourth generation

Dinesen fourth and fifth generation

Grand planks are all about the details

Based on a careful selection of timber species, we create a world of possibilities and sensory experiences.

For generations, we have refined our craftsmanship and technical knowledge of wood, as reflected in the planks’ unique finish. We preserve the natural beauty of the wood and its clean, powerful expression.

Knots are carefully handled and given special attention and treatment to preserve the planks’ character and personality.

Every single tree is carefully selected by Dinesen’s forestry engineers

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