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The craftsmanship

At Dinesen, production is all about the people and it is based on more than 120 years of experience.  Denmark.

High quality and excellent craftsmanship have always been the cornerstones of our work with the raw wood. Today, modern technology is another natural element in our production, which, then as now, is placed in Denmark.

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The heart in the right place

The family company has grown in size since its foundation in 1898, when the raw wood was processed with simple tools in a space of a few square metres in the sawmill. Today, Dinesen has a facility of more than 15,000 square metres where new technology and specialised machinery help make the process a little easier. Still, it is the human touch that ensures the quality and good craftsmanship. The passion for wood permeates every aspect of our production, where our dedicated employees pay attention to even the smallest detail.

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Whatever nature provides

Our work is always guided by the nature of the raw wood, and every single trunk is turned into unique planks in a variety of dimensions to use the wood as efficiently as possible. We work with the possibilities that nature provides in an effort to adapt to the customers’ requests. Although we handle many orders, we bring our dedicated focus to every single one.

A lengthy process

The lengthy production process begins when the large trunks are cut into planks. Next, the planks are stacked with room for air to circulate in between the layers. After air-drying, the planks are kiln-dried. We have our own drying rooms to be able to control the drying process, which is crucial for the quality of the planks. For environmental reasons, we heat our drying rooms with bio-fuel and recycle the excess heat. At the saw, the solid planks are carefully trimmed to use the raw wood as efficiently as possible. Next, the planks are planed in a modern facility before moving on to quality control.

Craftsmanship and quality control

Every single plank is checked repeatedly throughout the production process in our effort to deliver uncompromising quality to our customers. The planks pass through at least ten pairs of hands on their long journey through the production facilities. We have a dedicated area set aside for quality control where each plank undergoes painstaking inspection. Among other aspects, we pay special attention to the knots. If necessary, the knots are repaired or replaced. New knots are carefully affixed with special knot glue to ensure the quality of the plank.

A final manual and visual check

After the quality control, the planks are sanded one more time to ensure a pleasant texture. After a final manual and visual check of quality and appearance, the planks are ready to be packed and transported to locations near and far.

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