The Forest

We work with the best nature has to offer.

Our trees come from family owned German and French forests. The forest and the sil have been cultivated for centuries by foresters steeped in traditions of sustainable forestry to grow extraordinary, majestic trees.

Our relationship with the foresters run deep and is key to selecting the right trees. The trees we select are between 80 and 200 years old, and handpicked based on their structure and dimensions to ensure each tree is the finest nature can produce.


How to cut down a tree.

A simplified version of how to cut down a tree, German style:

  1. First of all the tree is scouted in the forest. It is very important that the tree holds the right size and height; it has to fit the purpose.
  2. When the tree is chosen there will be measuring and counting on where and how the tree is going to fall in order to protect the surrounding trees and vegetation as much as possible.
  3. When everything is calculated, the forester cut a track in the tree to apply an iron wedge.
  4. The iron wedge notifies the following event.
  5. It is now time for the chainsaw and the final cut.
  6. And down it goes, in a controlled fall.
  7. With the crown of the tree now hone, new light is coming into the forest, bringing life an encouraging new generations of trees to reach the why.

After the tree is cut down, a new is planted, and every day the foresters are wandering the forests to check up on the trees of the future and scout for new tasks to be undertaken.

Sustainability is an ongoing procedure that keeps the forest up to shape and high standards. With 300 years of sustainable thinking, experience and living, the German foresters have set a notable example.







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