The Wood

Our raw wood comes from majestic Douglas firs, characterful Oak trees, beautiful Ash and classic Pine. 

Dinesen sources the most suitable trees. Each tree is selected based on quality criteria such as straightness, growth rings, knots and harmony, and only a small proportion of trees live up to our standards.




The Douglas Fir can grow up to 60 metres tall with a diameter of 1 metre. The wood specie is native to the North American west coast but was introduced to Europe in 1827. Today, proud Douglas firs aged 80-120 years old are found in the Black Forest, among other places.


Oak trees can become more than 200 years old and have a strong personality. The oak trees in the forest range from slender and elegant to broad and powerful. As a common Characteristics, they are mature trees with a high degree of stability and durability.


Strong, beautiful and honest. All three words characterise the Dinesen Ash collection that entails outstanding wooden planks in ash. The ash tree, that is characterised by a visible vein structure, straightness and strength, is threatened by the harmful fungal disease called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. Our promise of being both passionate about and respectful towards nature is the driving force behind this collection.


The slow-growing pine trees are characterised by their close growth rings and exceptional quality. Only the very best of de 130 to 200 year old trees make it through the eye of the needle. To ensure the most beautiful planks of the finest quality, the trees are felled in the winter. This is crucial to the quality.

The selection process

Of the individual oak tree, typically only lower 3-7 metres meet Dinesen’s quality requirements. For the Douglas fir, we can normally only use the lower 5-10 metres, and occasionally, up to 15 metres. Since so few trees make it through the eye of the needle, we make sure to use the trees we select as efficiently as possible.

A piece of nature

What is a knot? It may seem like a simple question, but the answer means everything to us.

Technically, knots are what is left of the branches the grew out of the tree trunk bearing evidence to the history of the tree. A history where the forces of nature will both leave scars as well as beautiful imprints.

To us, a knot is not a flaw or an imperfection, it is rather a beautiful imprint which adds character and life to a plank. Knots make a plank unique and are therefore also an important aesthetic aspect to consider when making a choice concerning your home.

In our production, we pay careful attention to each knot, and if necessary, the knots are repaired or replaced by hand. We do this to make sure that the quality is first call and to ensure a respectful utilisation of the felled tree.

Just as trees will always have branches, knots will always be in inherent part of a Dinesen plank.

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