Dinesen x Garde Hvalsøe

In 2014, talented cabinet makers Garde Hvalsøe crafted a special kitchen in HeartOak planks for our Copenhagen showroom. The kitchen space was created in collaboration with OEO Studio, and the ‘Dinesen’ model has since become one of Garde Hvalsøe’s most popular kitchens.

Visit Garde Hvalsøe for further information.

The 'Dinesen' kitchen can be explored in our Aarhus showroom, which we share with Garde Hvalsøe. 

The 'Dinesen' kitchen is also what star chef, René Redzepi, is cooking his dinner at in his private home.

The 'Dinesen' kitchen in Villa Oslo by Skapa architects. 

The ‘Dinesen’ kitchen in the private home of Søren Hvalsøe Garde. 

The original 'Dinesen' kitchen in our Copenhagen showroom

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