Born out of enthusiasm and compassion, SMILET represents a collaboration between the foundation SMILfonden and Rigshospitalet, the Danish national hospital. It has resulted in a healing, creative workshop that welcomes children of all ages with serious or chronic illnesses, with Dinesen wood enhancing the therapeutic nature of the surroundings.

Contractor: CC Gruppen
Architects: SMO and COBE
Furniture design: Design Studies

SMILET opening hours:
Monday – Tuesday: 10 am to 5 pm
Wednesday – Thursday: Noon to 7 pm


With the support of various foundations and private contributors, SMILET is the first workshop of its kind in a hospital setting and provides a safe haven for living, playing, creating, and forgetting in an everyday life often permeated by illness.


“From beginning to end working with SMILET was fuelled by the ambition to create a setting with an atmosphere that reflects something other than the sterile environment of a hospital. The focus was on warm, friendly materials and lighting reminiscent of a living room or a child’s playroom.”

– Architect Sune Fisker Mogensen, SMO

Architect Sune Fisker Mogensen of SMO created the workshop’s inspiring surroundings. In collaboration with COBE and CC Gruppen, he developed a space filled with warmth, closeness and room for creative expression.


Dinesen donated the wood and solid oak flooring that helps provide a space that allows children and young people admitted to Rigshospitalet to forget their vulnerability for a while.


The bench, aquarium table and movable furniture, designed by Design Studies, are made of Dinesen Douglas and Oak.

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