Dinesen Curated Widths

Create a dynamic expression with Dinesen solid planks in varying dimensions.

The interplay of planks in varying widths creates an unexpected and fascinating design that spans a wide register and fills the room with musicality.

Experience the special effect of a floor in solid planks in varying widths and lengths.

Combining planks that are wide and narrow, long and short, in a single solution lets the individual planks find their own voice in natural, almost musical harmony.

Create your own floor from Dinesen with Curated Widths.


A beautiful plank floor is created as a combination of quality materials, care and curiosity.

Curiosity on possibilities and combinations that bring out unexpected and extraordinary expressions.

A floor in Dinesen Curated Widths is designed as a bespoke composition that matches the room and speaks to our senses.

Talk us through your project and let us explore the design options for your floor composed with Curated Widths.

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Crafted & Composed With Nature

Experience a story of craftsmanship, curation and composition with Dinesen Curated Widths. As this story unfolds, a floor in Curated Widths acts as testimony to Dinesen’s commitment to responsibility, curiosity and respect for the forest, people and architecture.

Our long journey with wood begins with respect for the raw material. We strive to realise the potentials of wood in durable products and solutions to be enjoyed by generation after generation. One of the key elements in this effort is to utilise the whole tree trunk and its proportions.

Curated Widths is rooted in this commitment as a celebration of the many facets of the wood, which are used in deliberate and dynamic designs. The round tree trunk naturally produces planks in different dimensions, from the grand widths of the central core to the narrower dimensions of the outer layers.

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Curated Widths at Michelin Restaurant Substans

The Dinesen floor was chosen in three different widths of oak planks to tell a story of variation … The vision was not to mask the floor as one surface but instead to amplify the features of the wooden planks."

Kristian Gatten, Architect, Krøyer & Gatten

Curated Widths Composed


Composing the perfect floor is like composing the perfect song. The goal is to achieve a varied expression and to let each plank play its own note in the melody of the floor. Curated Widths plays to the unique character of the wood and brings out the musicality of its grain and colour shades.

A floor composed of planks ranging from wide to narrow, from long to short, creates a unique and bespoke expression that brings character and harmony to every room.

The varying widths of the planks are like keys on a piano, playing a silent melody. The effect catches our eye, activates our senses and reveals the care and thought that went into the floor design to create this unique expression. 

Create a dynamic expression with Curated Widths

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