Floor planks with quick delivery

Choose between six floor planks in standard measurements in Douglas, Oak or Pine with short delivery time. The planks are delivered unfinished.

Dinesen recommends that you always consult with a professional floor installer. You can find Dinesen certified floor installers here.

We aim to give each tree as long a lifespan as possible and strive to optimise our use of the raw wood. The natural rounded shape of the tree trunk inevitably provides planks of varying dimensions, from the grand widths at the core to the narrower formats from the outer layers.

Douglas Natural,
28x350mm, 2-5 m

Delivered unfinished

87.00 GBP/m2

Pine Classic,
35x150mm, 1-5 m

Delivered unfinished

64.00 GBP/m2

Oak Classic,
22x250mm, 2-5 m

Delivered unfinished

221.00 GBP/m2

Oak Classic/Natural,
22x175mm, 1-4 m

Delivered unfinished

125.00 GBP/m2

Oak Natural,
22x200mm, 1-4 m

Delivered unfinished

125.00 GBP/m2

Douglas Classic/Natural,
28x150mm, 1-4 m

Delivered unfinished

55.00 GBP/m2



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