Weight of Wood

Weight of Wood is created by Christian+Jade in collaboration with Dinesen  – a playful, explorative exhibit to awaken your curiosity about wood.

Weight of Wood explores the life of a tree and wood as a commodity. On display are tactile, balancing objects made of Dinesen wood, showcasing wood's various weight and inviting you to touch, explore and interact with them.

Curiosity About Wood

Dinesen is founded on a love for wood and a fascination with its endless potential. We strive to inspire and collaborate with people who share the same curiosity. In meaningful partnerships, boundaries burst, and projects emerge, reflecting the bond between humans and nature in the most remarkable ways.

The Weight of Wood exhibit is the result of a partnership with the design duo Christian+Jade. Together we shed light on the weight of wood – literally and figuratively speaking. The exhibit places Dinesen wood from the forest of Schwarzwald at centre stage in shapes of balancing wooden objects, visualising wood's various weights and the roles they play in human life.

In the talented hands of Christian+Jade, we explore yet another layer of wood.

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What to expect

Wood has played a vital role in human life, helping us evolve – giving us fire, shelter, and tools. But somewhere in time, we neglected its worth. Today, wood remains all around us – silently present in our walls and floors, tables, and chairs, yet we have never been further removed from the forest and its trees.

Weight of Wood bridges the gap between our perception of a forest, the growing trees and wood as a commodity. This exhibit explores wood through one of its most defining characteristics – its weight. Wood’s weight teaches us about its personality and temperament, and we get a glimpse of the environmental conditions in which it was nurtured.

Weight of Wood showcases our experimental quest to spark a new appreciation for the value, role and historical weight wood has on our material life.

The exhibit takes you through three stages: 

Forest and WoodWood and Wood, and Human and Wood.

Schwarzwald forest – Sawmill Messmer - 2022 – Photo Hampus Berndtson - low res. -150.jpg
Schwarzwald forest – Ash - 2022– Photo Hampus Berndtson - low res. -193.jpg

"The forest is not a collection of trees, but a complex web of relationships between the living organisms that inhabit it."

Suzanne Simard, Finding the Mother Tree

Weight of Wood Dinesen x Christian+Jade_Rocking Chair 02.jpg

The Rocking Chair: 75% Dinesen Pine and 25% Dinesen Oak

Forest and Wood

Forest and Wood introduces the concept of wood density and teaches us about the environment in which a tree grows.

The forest determines the growth of a tree, yet, every forest is different thus every forest can transform a tree’s character. Changes in the tree's growth and journey can impact the weight of its wood.

We look at wood up close, and it reminds us that wood is not just a dead substance to be harvested and processed, but a living, breathing entity that is connected to the life of every other organism on the planet.

Wood and Wood

Wood and Wood presents wood from trees that have grown in Schwarzwald, where most of Dinesen’s wood comes from.

This part of the exhibit teaches us about each tree species as unique individuals and the roles they play in our lives. On display are each wood’s weight translated into a variety of visual and interactive forms, allowing the wood’s character and strength to shine.

Weight of Wood Dinesen x Christian+Jade_Rocking Horse 01.jpg

The Rocking Horse: 87% Dinesen Douglas and 13% Dinesen Ash 

Weight of Wood Dinesen x Christian+Jade_Seesaw 01.jpg

The Seesaw: 50% Dinesen Douglas and 50% Dinesen Oak

Wood and Human

Wood and Human concludes the exhibit with three furniture pieces, that bring the knowledge gained through the experiments and research back into our homes and lives:

A Rocking Horse, a Seesaw and a Rocking Chair.

The three furniture pieces have each played a role in the cycle of life. The objects have been re-imagined using wood’s varying qualities, resulting in a playful balance of weight and movement, crafted with Dinesen Oak, Ash, Douglas and Pine.

Weight of Wood has taken us a step closer to understanding the importance of the forest and its trees.

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