Barnsbury Flat

With a real eye for detail and using a carefully considered range of materials and bespoke solutions, Augustus Brown Architects have created a design-led home that celebrates light, space and honest materials.

This Victorian property is situated in a North London area defined by late Georgian and early Victorian architecture. The facade was restored and preserved using the same traditional methods that were applied in the construction of the original building. The interior, on the other hand, was reconceived to reflect modern architectural principles and the needs of the people who live here.

Private residence – London, UK

Architect: Augustus Brown Architects

Photographer: French & Tye Photography


Dinesen Ash Natural

Thickness: 22 mm. Width: 250 mm. Random lengths: 2–5 m

Finish: Invisible Oil



Augustus Brown is the architect behind this maisonette flat, which has a bespoke staircase leading up through three beautifully designed floors and forming the conceptual backbone of the residence. The staircase is made of Dinesen ash and metal with a sculptural handrail in sapele. The exquisite staircase design sets the tone for the home as an elegant structure that not only ties the floors together but also manifests the underlying vision for the interior, from top to bottom.

The studio always aims to respond to personal needs and achieve functional and innovative solutions manifested in pleasant and enjoyable environments. The design of Barnsbury Flat exemplifies this ambition, which is evident in every detail. The multi-pane glass wall serves as a room divider and allows ample light to pour into the interior. The smoky green of the walls, reminiscent of Victorian-era museums, contrasts the dynamic structure of the Dinesen Ash plank floor.

A large picture window framed in Dinesen Ash lets light permeate the stairwells. Last, but not least, in collaboration with garden designer Sara Sall Studio, the architect created two stunning terraces on either side of the property in celebration of the light that falls into this outdoor space from east to west. The decorations and planting create a calm natural oasis that remains green all year round.

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