Douglas-floor-Berlin-Atelier-wooden-bench-Dinesen-01.jpg (1)

Berlin Atelier

Get a peek inside the atelier of a German photographer designed by augustin und frank architekten, who chose Dinesen Douglas for flooring to create a calm base. 


Residential — Berlin
augustin und frank architekten — Photo: Werner Huthmacher


Douglas Classic
Thickness 35 mm. Width 350 mm. Length 4-7 m
Finish Lye and White Soap

Douglas-floor-Berlin-Atelier-kitchen-solid-wooden-flooring-05.jpg (1)
Douglas-floor-Berlin-Atelier-Dinesen 02.jpg (1)
Douglas-floor-Berlin-Atelier-dining-table-Dinesen-04.jpg (1)
Douglas-floor-Berlin-Atelier-Outdoor-graffiti-Dinesen-06.jpg (1)
Douglas-floor-Berlin-Atelier-bathroom-Dinesen 03.jpg (1)

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