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Cathie Curran

The Architects Own House

When architects Cathie Curran and her partner found out that they were expecting twins, they soon agreed that it was time to find a home which could accommodate the family. As an architect, Cathie wanted to design the house herself. An emphasis was put on making the house functional for everyone in the family, without compromising the design, and the home is full of custom-made details and personal touches.

Private residence, London, England

Architect: Cathie Curran


Dinesen Douglas

Thickness: 35 mm. Width: 350 mm.

Finish: Lye and white soap


NB! The photos show the newly installed, newly finished floor. Deviations due to natural patina, wear or inadequate maintenance may occur. 

H35x350 - LHS - Kensington - Cathie Curran 09.jpg

The couple bought a Victorian house in West London. The house was so worn down that it had been rented out as a set for Woody Allen’s film, Cassandra’s Dream. It took a huge effort to make the house habitable. The house needed rewiring and re-piping, and walls

had to be torn down to create a better layout for the house. The kitchen was expanded, and a glass roof which lets in plenty of daylight was fitted, and 3 new bathrooms were installed. In some rooms, the couple had solid plank floors from Dinesen fitted, and in other rooms, the old floors could be renovated and painted.

H35x350 - LHS - Kensington - Cathie Curran 13 - udefra.jpg
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The common characteristics of the various rooms are that they are kept in simple colours, with light woodenfloors and white walls, which accentuate furniture and architectonic features. Bold colours which add character to the house are used on textiles, books and decorations. An additional detail is the lime-coloured wall above the cooker in the kitchen, which Cathie designed herself. From the outside, a green front door brightens the day and attracts the attention of passers by to the fact that the details in this house have been carefully thought out.

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