Copenhagen Flat by John Pawson

John Pawson’s debut design in Denmark was a residential project in Copenhagen, a stunning abode with a panoramic ocean view. The design concept was to establish a seamless connection between the interior spaces and the sea view, enhancing the living experience. To achieve this, the studio removed physical barriers like doors, thereby unifying the rooms towards the view. The result is a flat that enhances the sense of continuity and openness and inspires awe with its natural surroundings, transforming how the residents interact with their environment.

Residential – Copenhagen, Denmark

Architect: John Pawson

Photography courtesy of John Pawson


Layers Oak Classic

Thickness: 19 mm.

Widths: 300 mm. Length: 2-5 m

Finish: Invisible Oil

John Pawson strategically uses white, light, and wood to create shape within this Copenhagen flat while framing the picturesque ocean views. The walls are intentionally made significant, serving as backgrounds for the living areas and incorporating niches, shelving, cupboards, benches, and more. This elegantly integrates a home's functions by eliminating commotion and replacing calmness, an architectural art form that John Pawson masters to perfection.

Incorporating contrasting wood elements within these features adds depth, while the Dinesen flooring remains uniform with minimal contrast, creating a harmonious balance within the space. Long Layers Oak planks were installed to establish a seamless flow towards the sea, leading the eye as you enter the flat. The choice of Oak in a Classic variant exudes tranquillity and natural hues ideal for the design concept. Anticipating the abundant sunlight that would infuse warmth into the space, the Pawson studio adjusted by slightly desaturating the floor finish colour. The Invisible Oil finish enhances the natural appearance of the Oak, giving it a look that seems untouched or unaltered.

‘Having collaborated since 1992, partnering with Dinesen was the natural choice for this residential project in Copenhagen, reflecting a long-standing relationship rooted in mutual trust and quality craftsmanship. Use of the Classic variant further contributed to the overall sense of continuity and calmness within the design.’

- John Pawson

The engineered flooring was chosen due to its stability qualities, considering the influence of sunlight, wind, and temperature fluctuations on the flat from the outside. Layers’ distinctive construction also perfected the design idea, erasing the spacing between the floor planks and creating a continuous, understated surface.

The Copenhagen Flat by John Pawson exudes the warmth and authenticity of wood, creating an environment that evokes a strong sense of natural elements and presence. For the residents, the space represents calmness, tranquillity, and a sense of protection provided by the sincere atmosphere where wood, white, and light are balanced.

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