Danish Mews House

The small, London-based architecture studio Neil Dusheiko Architects radically transformed Danish Mews House from a former industrial showroom to a family home for a Danish client. The choice of flooring fell on Dinesen Douglas Natural as a complement to the studio’s fundamental belief in caring for the environment and for materials, where they come from and how they patinate over time.

Step inside Danish Mews House for a cosy, comfy, light-filled interior underlined with Dinesen wood.

Residential – London, Great Britain

Architect: Neil Dusheiko Architects

Photographer: Ståle Eriksen


Douglas Natural

Thickness: 28 mm. Curated Widths: 250, 300, 350 mm. Full lengths: 6,2 m.

Finish: Lye and White Soap


Neil Dusheiko Architects is a small studio devoted to designing exceptional houses for people who love architecture. The challenge with Danish Mews House was turning a former industrial unit housing a clothing showroom into a residential family home in a Mews behind Hyde Park. Danish Mews House was an extremely complex project on a very restricted site on the cul de sac of a narrow Mews Road.

'Situated in a strict Conservation area and set against a large hotel and church with only one primary facade to work with, we managed to carve out an elegant light-filled interior.'

- Neil Dusheiko, owner and architect

They approached the project holistically to create the most positive impact on the Danish client’s life and family. The success criterion was to make Danish Mews House both enhance its surroundings and have a soothing influence on the family that was going to live there – as well as the neighbourhood the building should coexist in.

The choice of Dinesen matched well with Neil Dusheiko Architects’ careful approach to natural materials, their commitment to the longevity of the materials, and their enthusiasm for the way the floors in Douglas Natural become more and more beautiful with use.

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