Dinesen Showroom Oslo

In 2023, Dinesen Showroom in Oslo was redesigned by Dinesen Lab, resulting in a tranquil and minimalistic aesthetic space embodying the fundamental calmness and curiosity of the Dinesen brand.

Dinesen Showroom – Oslo, Norway

Interior design: Dinesen Lab

Photo styling: Anne Line Bo

Photographer: Johan Dehlin

When designing the overall showroom concept, Dinesen Lab founded its ideas on Dinesen’s core values and translated them into five interconnected states of experiences present in the showroom: calmness, curiosity, inspiration, wonder and alignment.


Entering the showroom, a sense of calmness embraces the visitor, enhanced by rich materials and soft Dinesen Douglas floors underneath the feet. Ever so gently, curiosity is sparked by the elegantly executed touches of colour and the bespoke, Dinesen décor-walls both showcasing a range of wood types, variants and pattern and creating flexible meeting rooms of privacy.


Close at the heart of Dinesen is the desire to inspire. Therefore, it was natural to curate and integrate the work of collaborators in the Oslo showroom to evoke a sense of wonder and a space for contemplation and curiosity. The centred sculpture by artist Tron Meyer is made of Dinesen wood, drawing the visitors’ attention. The showroom is further decorated with wooden furniture by the Italian brand Mattiazzi, complementing the natural atmosphere and subtle scent of wood. Lastly, Reflecting Flame candlelight holders by Christian+Jade and glass by Mats Bardlund complete the showroom ambience.


A podium of Dinesen HeartOak is designed as a sanctuary for productive meetings where architects, designers and private clients can bask in the wood samples and explore the finished surfaces at display, igniting their creative process.

Dinesen Showroom in Oslo forms a welcoming space carefully designed to offer experiences that awaken the senses. It is a place for inspiration and exploration of the numerous possibilities with Dinesen Wood.⁠


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