Heatherhill Beach House

Step into a tranquil haven at Heatherhill Beach House. Designed by Danish architectural studio Norm Architects, this home offers a sanctuary of harmony between human life and nature. With meticulous attention to detail, every element invites you to unwind and connect with the world outside. From the warm embrace of timber-clad interiors and Dinesen Douglas finesses to the soothing sounds of an outdoor shower, every aspect is designed to nurture well-being and celebrate the timeless beauty of thoughtful design.

Residential beach house – Vejby, Denmark

Architect: Norm Architects

Photographer: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


Douglas Classic

Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 300 mm. Length: Up to 15 m

Finish: Lye and White Oil

This Danish retreat designed by Norm Architects seamlessly blends with nature, offering breathtaking views and harmonious spaces. The Heatherhill Beach House is designed as a second home for a family where tranquillity immediately envelopes you. Inspired by traditional Danish summerhouses, it integrates with nature, boasting a sedum roof and cedar cladding.

Inside, natural materials like wood and brick create a warm, inviting atmosphere that connects you with the outdoors. Carefully designed axes connect each space, ensuring a harmonious flow throughout. The layout minimises impact on the landscape while maximising views.

An atrium offers a private outdoor space; inside, Douglas Fir brings the natural world to your fingertips. Dinesen Douglas flooring was chosen for central aspects of the house to amplify the connection with nature and create a soft grounding for bare feet passing through the connecting hallway, the bedrooms and the study.

Storage solutions maintain the home's simplicity, while a lounge nook and expansive views offer intimacy and openness. The kitchen, featuring a silver travertine island, continues the home's natural aesthetic. Throughout, a light palette enhances the airy feel, amplifying natural light. The bathrooms blend effortlessly with the home's aesthetic, offering framed views of the outdoors and even an outdoor shower for a sensorial connection with nature.

Designing for well-being, the home prioritises natural materials and colours, creating spaces that stand the test of time.

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