Hephaistos Project

Four sustainable pavilions made from leftover Dinesen wood

Twenty-nine students at the Royal Danish Academy joined forces to design and construct four pavilions for the exhibition ‘H22 City Expo: The making of a smarter city’ 2022 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The project aims to present a vision of future housing approaches with an emphasis on sustainability and inclusive design. The Hephaistos Project was realized in collaboration with IKEA, the Danish association of Youth With Disabilities (SUMH) and the Bevica Fonden foundation as well as Dinesen, which provided offcuts for the construction of the pavilions.

External project partners:

The Camp Tillsammans project was curated by Spacon & X. The four pavilions are sponsored by IKEA, SUMH, Bevica Fonden and Dinesen. Read more about the exhibition and H22 City Expo (https://www.h22cityexpo.com)


The 29 bachelor students brought their combined experience from two semester at the Institute of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape to bear. Together, they created a full-scale democratic design project. During the process, the students worked with young members of SUMH to examine how the design interacted with their various physical impairments.  


The result is four phenomenological exhibition pavilions constructed from leftover Dinesen timber, each pavilion highlighting a specific theme: sound, light, scent and tactile qualities. The pavilions are part of the Camp Tillsammans (Camp Together) project, in which four universities – MIT in Massachusetts, USA, ECAL in Switzerland, Lund University in Sweden and the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen – all contribute with visions of a sustainable and collective design for the future.


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