In Situ House

Framed by the rawness of concrete, Dinesen oak stands out beautifully as a golden softness to the interior, instilling warmth and calmness. In Situ House is a spectacular private villa designed by the Danish architectural firm Baks Arkitekter. The design features three main components; concrete, glass, and wood which balance each other out in perfect harmony. The grey concrete composes the home's indoor and outdoor floors and walls, providing a powerful characteristic. The window frames rise from the ground to the ceiling and allow the light to flow freely through the house. Meanwhile, beautiful Vahle doors in Dinesen Layers Oak counter the hard concrete and grant soft access to every room. The elegant, handcrafted kitchen is also made in Dinesen Layers Oak as a design collaboration between Garde Hvalsøe and Baks.

In Situ House is an architectural masterpiece based on simplicity, and clean lines The result is a home with Nordic style and personality.

Private residence – Risskov, Aarhus, Denmark

Architect: Baks Arkitekter

Photography: Christian B // Yellows, courtesy of Vahle


Dinesen Collection – Stool

Oak Natural oil


Vahle LAYERS – Doors

Dinesen Layers Oak Classic

Design by Baks Arkitekter


Garde Hvalsøe Layer – Kitchen

Dinesen Layers Oak Classic

Design by Baks Arkitekter

rasmus bak forsalg til print 21 copy.jpeg
rasmus bak forsalg til print 161.jpeg
rasmus bak forsalg til print 81.jpeg
rasmus bak forsalg til print 111.jpeg
rasmus bak forsalg til print 121.jpeg

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