Restaurant Inua in Tokyo with former noma chef, Thomas Frebel at the helm, is a partnership with noma’s Rene Redzepi and Japan’s Kadokawa Corporation.

Restaurant — Tokyo
OEO Studio — Photo: Aoki Michinori


Douglas Classic
Thickness 28 mm. Width 300 mm. Length 2-5 m
Finish Lye and White Oil

Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-plank-flooring-07.jpg (1)
Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-plank-flooring-05.jpg (1)

Tasked with creating a clear link to Japan as well as referencing noma’s Nordic heritage, OEO Studio have devised a design concept for the new 700 m2 restaurant that fuses Japanese and Nordic sensibilities, to bring about a refined blend of craftsmanship, materiality and architecture. OEO Studio has worked with local materials as well as Japanese-inspired details interpreted with a Nordic twist in novel and unexpected ways.

Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-wooden-kitchen-04.jpg (1)

Throughout the restaurant, OEO Studio has utilised superior materials, including high-quality Douglas planks from Dinesen for the flooring in the main dining room, alongside Japanese bricks from Kunishiro, Hinoki Cypress and metalwork in brass, copper and hot-rolled steel. 

Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-wooden-slats-02.jpg (1)

Inua features the highest level of bespoke design. From the functional wardrobes in the welcome area to the waiter stations in the restaurant, every detail has been carefully considered and executed.


Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-plank-flooring-wooden-06.jpg (1)

The restaurant and bar design, which can seat 60, comprises a mix of dining-height and high counter seating offering a range of views out across the city skyline. In the restaurant, OEO Studio designed the new Jari dining table series with table tops resembling pebbles softly shaped by water and nature over time.

Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-wooden-slats-02.jpg (1)
Douglas-floor-INUA-Dinesen-wooden-tabels-01.jpg (1)

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