H28x300-350N ---8-m---LHO---Lokeren-Apartment---Baeten-Hylebos-Architects-39.jpg

Lokeren Apartment

Baeten Hylebos Architects chose Douglas for floors and bespoke details for their thorough renovation of an old apartment in Lokeren, Belgien.

Residential — Belgium
Baeten Hylebos Architects


Douglas Natural
Thickness 28 mm. Width 300-350 mm. Length 8 m
Finish Lye and White Oil

In the beating heart of the city of Lokeren, Belgium, we invite you to come inside this spacious, private home where the application of natural and stimulating materials creates a powerful and vivacious interior.

H28x300-350N ---8-m---LHO---Lokeren-Apartment---Baeten-Hylebos-Architects-26.jpg
H28x300-350N ---8-m---LHO---Lokeren-Apartment---Baeten-Hylebos-Architects-21.jpg

Baeten Hylebos Architecten redesigned the existing floor plan of the apartment that was formed by a series of blindly connected rooms. A large entrance hall wasted precious space and the enclosed kitchen split the beautiful view in two.

H28x300-350N ---8-m---LHO---Lokeren-Apartment---Baeten-Hylebos-Architects-14.jpg

The result is one contiguous space that connects the two façades and fills the apartment with light. The marble granules in the terrazzo elements reveal the colour palette used throughout the interior, and the colours of the applied steel windows, furniture in solid walnut, brass faucets and solid bronze door fittings play and interact with the natural material.

H28x300-350N ---8-m---LHO---Lokeren-Apartment---Baeten-Hylebos-Architects-05.jpg
H28x300-350N ---8-m---LHO---Lokeren-Apartment---Baeten-Hylebos-Architects-03.jpg

The subtle interior of the home strengthens the expressive power of the few structural elements and reinforce the tactility of the elements. The simplicity speaks to our senses. Dinesen Douglas planks translate the existing orthogonal structural ceiling-grid in the floor covering. In addition to the floor, a bespoke bench in Dinesen Douglas embraces the kitchen space.

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