F30x180 - 2_5-5 m - HO - Marselis - Arkitema 05.jpg


Delicate renovation of an early 20th-century mansion

On Marselis Tværvej in the Danish city of Århus lies a beautiful mansion from 1918, which has served a wide variety of purposes throughout its long history. Over the years, this neoclassicist building has, among other things, housed an eye clinic, a residence hall and state county offices. 

Commercial - Aarhus, Denmark
Architect: Arkitema 


Dinesen Oak

Thickness: 30 mm. Width: 180 mm. Length: 2.5-5 m
Finish: White oil


NB! The photos show the newly installed, newly finished floor. Deviations due to natural patina, wear or inadequate maintenance may occur.

F30x180 - 2_5-5 m - HO - Marselis - Arkitema 01 - udefra.jpg

Today, the mansion serves as a stylish office building. After water damage in 2008, the building underwent delicate but extensive renovation, inside and out, before it was ready to welcome new residents. The renovation was carried out with respect for the building’s architectural and stylistic features. 

F30x180 - 2_5-5 m - HO - Marselis - Arkitema 15.jpg
F30x180 - 2_5-5 m - HO - Marselis - Arkitema 18.jpg

Dinesen Oak has been used for all the floors throughout the building. In combination with the simple, stylish interior and bright surroundings, the large, open rooms radiate both exclusivity and history.

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