Dinesen Showroom Aarhus

Step inside our Aarhus showroom located in the historic landmark building Mejlborg.

The Mejlborg building, a striking Gothic Renaissance-style edifice, was erected in 1898—the same year that Dinesen was founded. For over a century, it has stood as a welcoming beacon for visitors entering Aarhus from the northern mainway. 

The joint Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøe showroom in Aarhus, Denmark, features 600 m2, divided into two wings and a basement, creating the perfect presential settings for the diversity in Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøe’s product range of solid plank floors and bespoke kitchens. 

The entire Mejlborg showroom is styled like a home, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere for visitors to immerse themselves into a joint Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøe universe, visualising their projects. 

In 2024, the right wing underwent a redesign made possible by Copenhagen-based architectural studio Djernes & Bell. The design, Ecology of a Home, is a hybrid space that celebrates community and collaboration and offers a powerful narrative about our ecological connectedness.  

Mejlborg's right wing design draws inspiration from each room's historical setting and original usage. The showroom highlights three transformative crafts through three typical home rooms. Each room is narrated through a unique craft that represents a particular theme.  


The first room to enter is the Salon, which, with its asymmetric spatial room divider, provides a perfect setting for people to gather as a cosy meeting area. The bespoke curved room divider is made of Dinesen Douglas and finished with Ash Oil, which perfectly contrasts the light pink curtains and walls.    

The right wing kitchen features a Hoelgaard model by Garde Hvalsøe, partially designed by Djernes & Bell. The floors are made of Dinesen Ash Natural and finished with Light Oil. Wooden panels crafted from Dinesen Douglas wood and finished with Ash Oil line the walls of the Kitchen. The kitchen also features a pantry with walls and floors made of Dinesen Ash with a dark Clay Oil finish, and the doorway is Douglas wood with an Ash Oil finish.  

Djernes & Bell also designed a Study Room area with bespoke wooden workhouses with gables to match the library's asymmetric design. The Study Room is primarily used as an office for both brands and displays Dinesen Curated Widths in Oak Classic/Natural with a Light Oil finish. It features Douglas seating booths finished with Dinesen Clay Oil. 

The showroom’s left wing, originally designed by Bunn Studio, features another kitchen, a master suite with a wardrobe, a self-care area, and a bedroom. 

Mejlborg Basement
As a new initiative, we chose to transform the showroom’s basement floor into a special archival space of materials open for architects and designers, giving them the opportunity to see, touch and sense different materials when working with their projects. 

The shelves in Mejlborg Basement contain materials from Dinesen, Kvadrat, Petersen Tegl, Sorensen Leather, Zurface, Weber and Surface Cph. 

Besides the facilities that invite to be used for exhibitions, workshops, talks and meetings, the basement also contains a special room dedicated to exploring the invisible qualities of materials through sound. Here, we encourage visitors to step in barefoot, close the door and turn off the light to experience a six-minute meditative soundtrack of a 100-year-old Douglas tree being cut down with chainsaws in the Black Forest. 

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