Mews House

Mews House by Nord Studio is a townhouse created for a car collector. What began as a simple interior redesign developed into a far-reaching architectural transformation. The result is a brand new construction inside a historical shell.

Join us for a visit inside this masculine universe with patinated metals, Italian marble and Dinesen Oak Natural.

Private residence – London, United Kingdom

Architect: Nord Studio

Photographer: Ståle Eriksen


Oak Natural

Thickness: 30 mm. Width: 300, 350, 450 mm. Length: 3,8 m.

Finish: White Oil

In the heart of London’s Mayfair district, the Berlin-based architecture firm Nord Studio has transformed an urban terraced house without detracting from its historical value and character. The renewal has made room for a brighter and more spacious interior and given the building a new, strong identity.

To enrich and enhance the interior spatial experience, Nord Studio applied a selection of sophisticated materials that age gracefully, ranging from metal to stone and wood. The lower section of the building and the garage for the owner’s car collection feature a mix of white marble and asphalt, and large raw metal surfaces reflect the light and the valuable treasures housed in the garage.

A semi-spiral staircase in steel with a silky matt finish framed by hand-patinated brass panels connects the different floors and creates a coherent expression across the garage and the residential sections. To bring in zenithal light, the architects installed a generous skylight above the central staircase. The skylight also provides access to the roof and lets in fresh air as a source of natural ventilation.

The two upper levels of the house have floors and built-in furnishings made of Dinesen Oak Natural, a material with strong haptic qualities that lends the rooms a warm atmosphere in contrast to the cool metals. Oak Natural planks highlight the natural characteristics of the wood, including knots and the distinctive pattern of the grain.

‘Every single solid plank was selected with a width of 300–450 mm to complete the elegant expression of the rooms.’

– Jan Szkarlat, architect, Nord Studio

In the bathrooms, large tiles in Italian natural stone in different colours and textures create a unique and intimate atmosphere.

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