Modular Circle House

Studio Pneuma’s design of Modular Circle House, a new office building north of Copenhagen, is inspired by the local landscape and climate. Inside, the use of natural materials aims to create a new type of working environment that is stimulating to the senses and promotes well-being.


Office building – Hillerød, Denmark

Architect: Studio Pneuma

Photographer: Claus Troelsgaard

Client: D4 ApS

Spiral staircase by Risa Meyer


Ash Natural

Thickness: 22 mm. Width: 250 mm. Random lengths: 2–5 m.

Finish: Light Oil

The Danish architecture firm Studio Pneuma has created a new office building in Hillerød with a unique focus on the conditions of nature. By allowing the surrounding landscape, climate, wind and light to influence the development of the concept, the architects incorporated sensuous qualities and well-being in both the exterior and the interior architecture. The result is a working environment that puts the mind at ease and provides an inspiring and stimulating setting for work.

The building’s circular form underscores the qualities of the surrounding landscape, captures the light and the scenic background of greenery and fields and provides shelter from the ever-changing Danish winds.

The interior is shaped by soft arcs, interrupted only by transparent glass walls and curtains from Kvadrat, which further underscores the sense of a holistic flow. The use of natural materials throughout creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere.

‘At a very early stage in our sketching process, our focus was on complementing the architecture with living natural materials, and the client soon suggested implementing Dinesen floors into the spatial flow. All our senses are engaged in a room with Dinesen wood in a way that is energizing and stimulates well-being.’

– Camilla Boccardi Christensen, architect, co-founder of Studio Pneuma

Ash flooring is used throughout the circular architectural form. Bespoke solutions enhance the modular building concept, with wedge-shaped planks tying the rooms together in both visual and constructive terms. The wood also supports Studio Pneuma’s focus on the flourishing trend of creating architecture and buildings that promote well-being.

‘When we introduced Dinesen Ash, it added a sensuous material quality to the architecture that enhanced the living, variable aspects of the building. Wood works and varies with the changing seasons, it is aromatic and soothing and gently absorbs movements and steps when you walk on it.’

– Camilla Boccardi Christensen, architect, co-founder of Studio Pneuma

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