Pavilion House

Pavilion House is set in the scenic and characteristic landscape of eastern England, near a farm in Suffolk. The Danish firm Norm Architects designed this single-storey house in an elegant construction of vertical timber, glass and a touch of steel. Humility is a key quality of the building’s architecture, which lets beauty of the rural surroundings take centre stage and flow freely through the interior of the house.


Private residence – Suffolk, United Kingdom

Architect: Norm Architects

Photographer: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


Douglas Natural

Thickness: 35 mm. Width: 300 mm. Length: 2–5 m.

Finish: Lye and White Soap

Pavilion House settles naturally into the gentle landscape as a single-storey structure in the terrain. The exterior is clad in local larch wood and features large window frames, while steel elements discreetly tie the construction together. The transparent design and natural materials blend into the setting, ensuring a harmonious combination of new and original buildings.

The architectural concept was to choose shapes and materials that would not dominate their surroundings but instead incorporate them into the exterior and interior design. By making the window sections a distinctive aspect of the building’s exterior, Norm Architects allowed the landscape to enter the home. The impression is one of the wide open landscape visiting the residents, which brings a unique sense of calm and simplicity to the interior.

To underscore nature’s visit to the house, the floors are made of Douglas Natural, which lays a calm foundation, supplements the feeling of well-being and references the trees outside the building. Throughout, the colour scheme consists of neutral notes of white, cream and grey, while warm and cool wood notes define the space, from the floor to the window frames and furniture.

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