Restaurant Substans

The architect and carpentry duo Krøyer & Gatten is behind Substans' restaurant in Aarhus Ø. On the 11th floor, high up in the clouds, you'll encounter a cosey, homey atmosphere enhanced by its 1960's inspired interior.

In 2021 the restaurant was awarded its first star in the Michelin Guide. 

Restaurant – Aarhus Ø, Denmark
Architect and Carpentry – Krøyer & Gatten
Photographer: Jesper Rais og Martin Gravgaard


Oak Natural
Thickness: 22 mm. Mixed Widths: 200-250-300 mm. Length: 2-5 m
Finish: Invisible Oil

In 2020 Restaurant Substans moved from its previous location in the heart of Aarhus to brand-new surroundings on the harbour in Aarhus Ø. Before Pakhusene was even built head chef and owner Rene Mammen and his wife Louise knew the penthouse location would fulfil their growing dreams. They wanted to redesign their restaurant to capture the cosy feeling of a private home. The service, food and wine are undeniably superb, while the welcoming décor invites guests to enjoy, savour and relax.

Local organic ingredients are at the heart of Rene's dishes, which is why selecting a local architectural firm to design and decorate the restaurant was a natural choice. Master carpenter Phillip Krøyer and architect Kristian Gatten of Krøyer & Gatten are the dynamic Danish duo behind the interior.

The restaurant's entire visual identity matches Substans' Michelin level and offers the authenticity of being in a home. Warm tones are a recurring feature of the décor, where Dinesen's Oak Natural floors harmonise with the wooden furniture and the soft floor-to-ceiling curtains. When the curtains are open, a magnificent view of the crisp blue sea and the harbour life below greet restaurant guests.

"The Dinesen floor was chosen in three different widths of oak planks to tell a story of variation and to fit with the built-in heaters, which have specially designed and produced gratings, also in Dinesen wood. The planks are laid with slight gaps to highlight the length of the room and the width of the planks. The vision was not to mask the floor as one surface but instead to amplify the features of the wooden planks."

– Kristian Gatten, Architect, Krøyer & Gatten

The interior decorations and much of the furniture are specially designed in a collaboration between strategic visual designer Rickey Lindberg and Krøyer & Gatten, making them unique. Moving into a brand-new space with the best possible view of the sea presented limitless possibilities. A close partnership between Rene, Louise and Krøyer & Gatten allowed them to seize the architectural and decorative freedom to create the perfect conditions for a gastronomic experience beyond the ordinary, where the sky is the limit.

"The Substans decor is inspired by the stylish architecture of the 1960s, its simple and natural materials fill you with warmth and presence, from the moment you step inside. Our Dinesen floors fit the restaurant perfectly and break the slightly cold look of the cement walls. Not only are the floors beautiful, they also improve the acoustics and are soft for all of us to walk on."

– Rene Mammen, Head Chef and Owner, Substans

To experience the gastronomy of Substans visit:
Mariane Thomsens Gade 2F, 11.1
8000 Aarhus Ø, Denmark

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Thursday 5 pm to 10 pm
Friday 12 am to 3 pm / 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturday 12 am to 3 pm / 5 pm to 10 pm

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