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In a scenic setting close to the centre of Århus city lies the Rokkedal family’s beautiful three-storey mansion from 1920. The mansion has undergone comprehensive  restoration and renovation, which is classified as worthy of preservation. With respect for the original architectural expression, they have created a bright and modern home that is steeped in personality.

Private residence, Aarhus, Denmark

Architect: Renovation by Vision Arkitekter. Original design by Thorkil Luplau Møller


Douglas, Classic

Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 300 mm. Full lenghts up to 10 m

Underfloor heating

Finish: Lye and White Soap

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It is important for the family to surround themselves with objects that are authentic and have a story to tell. At the same time, the rooms have been designed to be functional and match the family’s everyday needs.


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It is especially when travelling around the world that the family have acquired ideas as well as artwork and one-off design objects for their home. The USA, Mallorca, Mexico and Australia are among the family’s favourite destinations.

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The family also aimed to create a harmonious home. The floor, which is Dinesen Douglas in full lengths, ensures a coherent feel and expression throughout the house and supports its stately appearance, which includes white stucco ceilings. Underfloor heating, the rustic Travertine floor in the lobby and the old Swedish tiled stove ensure a warm and cosy atmosphere. The house has been brought into the 21st century with a bright and simple interior design and a Multiform kitchen with steel appliances from Gaggenau.

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