Søren Rose Studio

Instead of using his well-known international touch, the renowned architect, Søren Rose, has designed his practice in Denmark to feel a little closer to home. Dinesen Douglas planks add to the homey impression in the old villa located in Hellerup.

Practice — Hellerup,
Denmark Søren Rose Studio
Photo: Claus Troelsgaard

Thickness 28mm. Width 300 mm. Length 5-7 m
Finish Lye and White Soap

For Søren Rose, light plays a significant role in all his project. And his own practice is no exception. The light from 24 sky light windows greets you as a welcoming friend when entering the practice. The light casts shadows on the Douglas planks as the sun rises and sets during the day.


A large pin-up board reminds guests that this is a playground for ideas, and a large round table adorns the kitchen space - where the team meets for lunch, bouncing ideas of one another.


The love of simple lines and the use of good materials, which characterise Søren Rose’s design aesthetics, is prevalent in the space. The architects get their coffee from the FRAMA kitchen in Hasami porcelain cups, and fresh air can be enjoyed from the balcony adjacent to the kitchen, where a bespoke box made from Douglas wood serves as a stair tread.


“It’s the process and not the goal” says Danish architect, Søren Rose.

A few key pieces fill the space like the green table holding samples of materials – a treasured item for Søren Rose. A bespoke bench in Dinesen Douglas holds coffee table books – ready to provide information for the next incoming project.


As to why Dinesen Douglas was chosen for his own practice, Søren Rose says “That clients can see a floor solution that we recommend for their project when they visit the practice obviously makes good sense”.


Søren Rose adds “To sit and work in our new, beautiful surroundings is just as cosy as sitting at home in the livingroom – something that the entire team enjoys”.

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