Switzerland Residence

In beautiful, Swiss Zuoz near the exclusive St. Moritz, a renowned, German design and fashion couple found the perfect house back in 1999. 

Residential — Switzerland
Hans-Jörg Ruch


Oak Classic
Thickness 30 mm. Width 300 mm
Finish unknown


Since the couple took possession of the house, which dates back to 1646, it has undergone an extensive renovation. Today the house is a design gem in complete harmony with the breathtaking alpine surroundings and spirit. The house is renovated according to a ”Keep it simple-philosophy”.

Dinesen Schweiz Hans Jorg Ruch 30.jpg
Dinesen Schweiz Hans-Jorg Ruch 26.jpg

The house still has the fundamental structure from 1646 and walls that are up to 10 metres thick. It has been renovated with a deep respect for the existing materials and the surrounding nature, and the couple has chosen the best materials everywhere in the house. The goal was not to streamline or modernise the house, but to bring the house into a sort of timeless state in terms of design. That is why oak has become the common denominator for the unity in the house.

Dinesen Schweiz Hans Jorg Ruch 27.jpg
Dinesen Schweiz Hans Jorg Ruch 14.jpg

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