Tel Aviv Flat

With a stunning interior concept, the esteemed studio of Baranowitz + Kronenberg has created an escapist atmosphere in this former Art Deco flat in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. The 47-square-metre dwelling is designed in a continuous palette of Dinesen Douglas Natural and provides a welcoming refuge from the outside world. The biophilic design aims to spark a longing to be immersed in nature, even when it is physically out of reach. 

Private residence – Tel Aviv, Israel

Interior design: Baranowitz + Kronenberg

Photographer: Amit Geron


Douglas Natural + Stock Collection

Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 350 mm. Random lengths: 2–5 m

Finish: White Oil 


This redesigned flat is located in in the heart of Tel Aviv, in one of the city’s finest Art Deco buildings. Interior design studio Baranowitz + Kronenberg (B+K) turned the one-bedroom dwelling into a unique, architectural home that combines functionality, creativity and calm.


The interior exudes an escapist atmosphere, with Dinesen Douglas from floor to ceiling complemented by custom-designed furniture and bookcases in Douglas Natural. With these design choices, B+K aimed to create a home that serves as a nature refuge in the heart of a bustling city. 


‘Our client’s young daughters had created a playful fantasy world in the old flat, where colourful rugs extended into the air, covering the walls and floors and forming a grotto-like space which they filled with toys. Inside, they were in a fleeting new world. This enchanting refuge provided the inspiration for the flat’s new design; grotto, refuge and fantasy formed the heart and soul of our design narrative.’

– Alon Baranowitz and Irene Kronenberg, founders of B+K

In creating the design concept, B+K explored cave dwellings with great fascination and turned the Tel Aviv flat into a dwelling characterised by continuity and fluid transitions between materials and functions as well as elements of surprise and the joy of discovery. In the L-shaped layout, each room seamlessly flows into the next, creating a unified design identity.


As part of the redesign, the studio created a workspace in extension of the dwelling to allow the soothing setting shaped by the wood to influence the working environment and promote a peaceful feeling of being in nature.


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