Villa Husvikveien

Step inside Villa Husvikveien, a Nordic family home located outside Tønsberg on the south coast of Norway. The house has been designed by Skapa in a "T" shape with an atrium surrounding the entrance, creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. The interior of the house features Dinesen Douglas Natural planks, while the exterior has been clad in Douglas wood, which will age gracefully over time.


Private residence – Tønsberg, Norway

Architect: Skapa Architects

Installers: Viftrup & Pettersen

Photographer: Einer Aslaksen


Interior – Douglas Natural

Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 300 mm. Random Lengths: 2 – 5 m.

Finish: Lye and White Soap


Exterior – Douglas Outdoor planks

Thickness: 35 mm. Widths: 290-390-440 mm. Lengths up to 5 m.


Located just outside the historic town of Tønsberg in Norway, Villa Husvikveien is a family home designed to maintain great views of the sea while ensuring privacy on the flat site surrounded by many neighbours. Tønsberg has a long history of woodcraft and shipbuilding dating back to the Middle Ages.

The two-storey house is designed with a "T" shape floor plan. There is a partly closed atrium around the entrance in the North, defined by columns, louvres, and green vegetation. The main living areas are placed on the ground floor to create a natural connection to the landscaped garden. Large sliding doors and unified material transitions dissolve the threshold between inside and outside.

The magnificent garden views and glimpses of the sea life are reflected through floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior colour palette is light, featuring soft whites, golden wood ceilings and Dinesen Douglas flooring for a neutral, calm, Nordic feeling.

Beautiful details in Dinesen Douglas unveil themselves throughout the house, like bespoke furniture, a minimalistic stairway neatly framed by white walls and the faultless connection between inside and outside created by the Douglas planks stretching from the floors to the outdoor terrace.

“The length of the Dinesen Douglas floor planks emphasises the long views throughout the house. Using Dinesen Douglas as external cladding was an early idea that informed many design decisions.”

- Vegard Havnevik, partner & architect at Skapa

The house's exterior features vertical and horizontal elements constructed with Dinesen Douglas terrace boards that are untreated and, therefore, will age naturally with weather and light exposure. In time, the house's facade will transform into an even silver tone and contrast with the warmer oiled oak cladding under the roof around the entrance in the courtyard.

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