Villa Kruså

Overlooking the Flensborg Fjord in the southern part of Denmark, just a few kilometers from the German border, lies Villa Kruså. A villa from 1972, which has undergone a big renovation throughout the past years and today is a bright and airy family home with rich materiality,

Private residence – Kollund, Denmark

Architect: Reinholdt // Rud

Photographer: Brian Buchard


Douglas Nature

Thickness: 28 mm. Width: 300 mm. Length: Full length up to 7.5 m.

Surface treatment: Lye & white soap

The family moved from Copenhagen to the small and secluded village of Kollund 14 years ago, and back then decided to settle in and live within the existing framework of the house before diving head-first into renovating. 

The renovation process has been a long and thoughtful transformation process to get to know the potential and appropriate solutions fancied for the family home. Two years ago, the house was finished after a major, final round, which involved the living room, kitchen-dining room, and all the doors, windows and floors.

The architectural features have been updated with great respect for the characteristic details and history of the house, balancing the classic and more contemporary.

The soft lye- and soap treated Douglas plank floors brighten up the rooms and compliment the overall warmth brought out by the colors on the walls, textures and material compositions — natural stone against wood, the light Douglas planks against the kitchen island in smoked oak, creates some soft transitions and tactile, inviting surfaces.

The open landscape facing the fjord give light to the rooms and invite nature inside through views to the open sky and surrounding greens.  

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