Villa Sunnanö

With water on two sides and a beautiful view of trees and rocks from every corner of the house, Villa Sunnanö takes advantage of all the qualities of the nature surrounding it.

Residential — Sweden
Murman Arkitekter — Photo: Åke E:son Lindman


Oak Classic
Thickness 22 mm. Width 250. Lengths 1,2-4 m 
Finish Natural Oil

Villa Sunnanö was realised by Hans Murman from Murman Arkitekter AB. It is a two-story private home for a family that enjoys nature. The main inspiration for the house was to incorporate the view and idyllic surroundings in the overall feel of the house. For the interior, the owners wanted to achieve a cosy environment. The house features a central two-story axis and several wings that break up the house in smaller pieces, which creates a warm and comfortable feeling. 

For the project, the architect Hans Murman created his version of a floating staircase in oak and glass. He spent months drawing it and then handpicked a specialist, who spent a week putting it together.

As a natural material, wood was the obvious choice for the home. It is a consistent element throughout the building and interior and is also used for flooring. The owners wanted the best quality and most natural feeling. “A very exclusive house needs an exclusive floor. Therefore, Hans choose Dinesen for us” the owner explains. 

“As the floors where so important for the expression of material and quality, we proposed a solid oak floor from Dinesen surrounded by white walls and ceilings that creates a warm and inviting Nordic atmosphere.”

Hans Murman
Murman Arkitekter

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