A story of quality in every layer

Dinesen is proud to add another layer to its range of high-quality wood floors: Dinesen Layers Oak. An engineered solution made from European Oak.

With Dinesen Layers, you get an engineered floor of the high quality that characterises Dinesen’s plank floors. Dinesen Layers Oak distinguishes itself from other lamella constructed floors as it consists of three quality layers that are pressed together with a middle and a reverse bottom layer – all in European Oak. An elegant and subtle solution. 



Craftsmanship and quality control

The quality of Dinesen Layers is three-fold: the wood, the handcraftsmanship and the Dinesen know-how.

For more than 120 years, Dinesen has been driven by the passion to recreate the natural calm of the forest in the meeting between people and nature. Dinesen Layers Oak is the result of craftsmanship and high-quality wood – bringing nature closer. The high-quality raw wood is sourced from European forests where forestry has been based on sustainable principles for centuries.

Every single plank is checked repeatedly throughout the Dinesen production process in the effort to deliver uncompromising quality. The planks pass through at least ten pairs of hands on their long journey through the production facilities.


Let Layers resonate nature’s well-being  

A Dinesen Layers floor provides you with all the natural qualities of a wood floor in an engineered solution. As you walk on the planks, the floor resonates your footsteps and tingles your sense of touch as you slide your hand over the soft grains of the wood surface. Bringing you a sense of well-being in every layer.


‘’Dinesen Layers provides opportunities for us to work on a broader range of international projects and in regions where the lack of knowledge and know-how related to solid wood have been counterproductive for the implementation of solid quality flooring.‘’

Head of Design Thomas Lykke, OEO Studio.

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