Mixed Widths

Create a dynamic expression with Dinesen solid planks in Mixed Widths.

Experience the unique dynamic character that solid planks in varying widths can create in a floor. When wider and narrower planks are combined in the same floor solution, the individual planks come into their own and engage in a natural, almost musical and harmonious interplay.

Our senses are activated by the visual experience of the mixed-width planks, like keys on a piano playing a silent melody. We immediately sense the additional considerations that went into the floor design and its unique expression.


Designing with Mixed Widths is a beautiful reflection of the goal of giving the raw wood as long a lifespan as possible.

The round tree trunk naturally produces planks in different dimensions, from the grand widths of the central core to the narrower dimensions of the outer layers. In other words, Mixed Widths represent an appreciation of what the tree has to offer and make full use of its natural proportions.


Mixed Widths at The Audo


Mixed Widths at Beverley Residence

The unique expression of each individual plank is fully expressed in the interplay of wider and narrower dimensions.

Mixed Widths reflect a high degree of consideration with original solutions that stand out from the crowd.

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