Oak planks give you an elegant, almost understated look.

Oak flooring – A treat in itself. You may choose to challenge the simple look and create a less conventional interior design solution. Mixed widths add a more dynamic look, while coloured oils strike new notes.

Prices from 85 € per m2 excl. of VAT, delivery and installation.

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  • Subtle structure with a classic expression. Harmonious and calm. Fewer knots.

    The picture is indicative - see the sorting description, under "Technical information" for further information.
    • Classic
    • Natural
    • Classic/Natural
  • Planks in random lengths are delivered in available lengths. This makes for a fluid transition from one room to the next and a coherent expression that is perfect for many projects. Each plank is made as long as possible, which allows for a very high degree of utilisation of the raw wood.
    • Random lengths
    • Herringbone
    • Mosaic
    • Bond
    • Squares
    • Curated Widths
  • Dinesen Light Oil
    The oil seals the surface, and the floor only needs to be washed with Dinesen Floor Soap when it needs cleaning. The floor will require regular repeat treatments with oil to maintain the seal.
    See how to maintain your Dinesen floor
    • Dinesen Light Oil
    • Dinesen White Oil
    • Dinesen Natural Oil
    • Dinesen Invisible Oil
    • Ash
    • Light Grey
    • Clay
    • Graphit
    • Sand
    • Umbra
  • Oak Classic

    Thickness  22 mm - 30 mm
    125 mm - 500 mm 
     —  1–3 m - 2–5 m

    Oak Natural

    Thickness — 22 mm, 30 mm
    Width — 250 mm - 500 mm 
    Length — 1–3 m - 2–5 m


    Oak Classic/Natural

    Thickness — 22 mm
    Width — 125 mm - 200 mm 
    Length — 1–4 m


    For dimension configurations, visit our Floorplanner tool.

    Please refer to our price list for compatible dimensions.
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    The picture is indicative - see the sorting description, under "Technical information" for further information.

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