Dinesen Squares Oak

Dinesen Squares is a new collection of square planks in solid oak that combine to form a beautiful patterned floor with characteristic lines. 

Dinesen Squares Oak is the result of refined craftsmanship and top-quality raw wood, which together bring nature closer. 

For more than 120 years, we have been driven by a passion to create bespoke solutions that go beyond the traditional. The raw wood is sourced from European forests where forestry has been based on sustainable principles for centuries. In our effort to deliver uncompromising quality, each Squares plank is checked numerous times throughout the production process. The planks pass through at least ten pairs of hands on their way through our production facility. 


Square planks are laid side by side in straight lines so the joints end up forming a grid. You can also choose a diagonal pattern where the planks are laid in a 45-degree angle, turning the square planks into diamonds. The extraordinary dimensions of the planks allow you to create an elegant and grand expression.


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