After installation

This instruction manual provides you with advice about how to maintain your Dinesen floor after installation.

To get the best result and a floor that can last for centuries it is important to follow the right finishing and maintenance procedures.

Dinesen planks are always delivered unfinished, and after installation, the floor must be sanded and finished. This gives you the opportunity to choose the finish that matches your expectations of the floor. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the various finishes carefully.

If you need any additional advice about Dinesen floors, you are very welcome to contact us. To order and purchase products in the maintenance series, please go to our webshop.

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As of the 3rd February 2020, Dinesen has changed the range of recommended finishing products. Up until February 2020, Dinesen has used oils and soaps produced by Junckers Industrier A/S under Dinesen private label.

The following instructions concern Finishing, Maintenance and Care with the below mentioned products.

  • Dinesen Natural Oil 2.5L
  • Dinesen White Oil 2.5L
  • Dinesen Light Oil 2.5L
  • Dinesen Floor Soap for oil and lacquer finished floors

See instructions for using the above products.


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