Dinesen Apartment by John Pawson

Three decades of collaboration

A collaborative history spanning over three decades has culminated in a new and integral addition to Dinesen’s Copenhagen showroom, solidifying the relationship and partnership between Dinesen and long-time friend and collaborator, John Pawson.




“Creating this apartment for Dinesen, as the natural home for the furniture pieces I have designed, feels like a completion of the full circle.”

- John Pawson

The Dinesen Apartment is the first-ever spatial project between Dinesen and the British architectural designer. The space captures the essence of Pawson’s minimal approach, and successfully offers a peaceful sanctuary in the center of Copenhagen. The dedication to the material and craftsmanship shared by Dinesen and Pawson is ever-present throughout the space, and is, in many ways, an architectural and sensual meeting between two good friends — a physical manifestation of a 30-year long friendship.



The apartment provides visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Dinesen and Pawson universe and experience the furniture collection designed by John Pawson. The space captures Dinesen’s and Pawson’s shared dedication to craftsmanship, quality and sense of peaceful tranquility through design.

Combining three key elements — white, light, wood — Pawson and his team address the light and use it as a material emphasizing and nudging natural light conditions through subtle blinds, reducing the number of impressions from the outside world. 

At the center of the space is John Pawson’s collection of furniture for Dinesen. Its subtle details lie in the material itself and the connection to the craftsmen who assemble the furniture. 

Bringing on a range of long-standing collaborators throughout the apartment, the space is carefully curated, accentuating the spatial characteristics and materiality through light, colors and minimal styling elements. 

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