Landsdowne Road

At the end of an avenue fringed with trees in Ladbroke Square Gardens in London, lies this beautiful house. A historic building that with its grandeur emerges as a contrasting luxury to London’s many narrow row houses.



Residential — London
Undercover Architecture — Photo: Michelle Young


Douglas Pattern, chevron
Thickness 35 mm. Width 250 mm. Length 1,4 m 
Finish Lye and White Soap






The architect behind the renovation is Undercover Architecture, who has taken a pride in carefully preserving and restoring the original and distinctive details of the house such as the large windows, the wall paneling and the elegant plaster ceiling.

Hints of the bespoke and an understated eye for detail are reflected throughout in the choice of materials; from traces of brass, to beautiful marble and the tactility and warmth of the Douglas flooring which effortlessly ties the whole project together. 

The Douglas planks are laid in the historic chevron pattern. A distinctive graphic pattern that takes on even more character in large plank dimensions. It is a modern solution that shows respect for history and takes on a contemporary and exclusive appearance by virtue of its proportions.

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