Loch Tummel House

Inside this family house, Dinesen Douglas flooring emphasises an irresistible sense of movement throughout the building’s large and continuous spaces.
WT Architecture chose to use changes in ceiling heights, lining materials and intensities of natural light to create a sense of structure in the open plan house – to make smaller spaces for its residents.

Residential – Loch Tummel, Scotland
WT Architecture – Photo: Dapple Photography


Douglas Classic
Thickness 35 mm. Width 400 mm. Length 10,5 m
Finish: White Oil

It is the ambition of the award-winning architect firm to create buildings which are meaningful to the lives of those that inhabit them and timeless in their materiality and relationship to the context in which they are situated. And Loch Tummel house is no exception.


The combination of the Douglas wooden flooring with zinc and copper creates an overall sense of solidity and durability, much needed to protect against the local climate, as do the projecting overhanging eaves.


Located at the feet of mighty Schiehallion, Loch Tummel House towers against the dramatic backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, gazing out on one of Scotland’s most iconic reservoirs.


Located precisely on a north-south axis, natural lighting changes dramatically through the day – revealing the seasons as they pass by the grand windows.


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