“The Appartment” by SecondaryBounce

Step inside the interactive visualisation project “The Appartment” created in 2020 by the founders of 3D design studio SecondaryBounce Mauro Muñoz and Miguel Segovia.

Visualisation: SecondaryBounce
Artists: Mauro Muñoz and Miguel Segovia
Winner of CGARCHITECTS 3D-award


Download Dinesen Textures

"The Appartment" is a hyper-realistic and fictional VR apartment that allow viewers to explore the architecture, materials and design pieces within the apartment. The viewers can go through the apartment and interact with objects, materials, lighting and flooring as if they were in the apartment themselves. 

A range of Dinesen PBR Textures are implemented throughout the 900 m2 apartment. This makes it possible for the viewers to configure and experience several Dinesen floorings and finishes in real-time and in a hyper-realistic setting.  

Experience ”The Appartment” below

"The Appartment" application is created in real-time, and the material changes you make while exploring the space around you will be instant for your further investigation. If you see something you like, a quick picture can be taken and saved onto your computer for later inspiration.

"Our idea is to develop an application of a previously designed and defined architectural space incorporating samples of the Dinesen Collection products, or optionally we can also design the showroom to achieve an aesthetic that fits the style and visual quality that Dinesen usually shows in its projects and corporate images."

Miguel Segovia

Explore the apartment as if you were there yourself. Download the free app here.

Download Dinesen Textures here.

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