Our Saviour’s Church

Our Saviour’s Church in Copenhagen was constructed in 1696 with General Building Master Lambert van Haven as the architect. The church is considered one of the finest examples of Danish baroque architecture.

Church — Copenhagen
Fogh & Følner Arkitektfirma


Oak Classic
Thickness 30 mm. Width 250 mm. Length 1,2-5 m
Finish Natural Oil

The architectural firm Fogh & Følner won the 2005 competition to restore the 300-year-old church, and in 2010, Our Saviour’s Church reopened after a five-year renovation process.


The church was originally constructed on a landfill foundation. The most recent restoration of the floors, which was carried out in 1889, had led to a slant in the floors that was ruinous to the pews and other furnishings. Therefore, the decision was made to carry out a thorough renewal of the entire floor construction.


Our Saviour’s Church is a large and important church, and in order to preserve part of the cultural heritage, the floor construction, which rests on a pile foundation, was recreated using special Danish navy oak exclusively. Navy oak is in itself a bearer of Danish history. In 1807, when the British impounded all the vessels in the Danish navy, a new fleet needed to be built to ensure the Danish defence. A huge number of oak trees were planted, but by the time the trees had reached the appropriate size, they were no longer needed to build Danish warships. Instead, the oak trees are now used for far more peaceful purposes.


In total, 1,200 m2 of planks were used for the floor in Our Saviour’s Church.

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