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Stavanger Residence

On the outskirts of the Norwegian city Stavanger, overlooking the water, lies a building that stands out in form and materials from the surrounding architecture.

Residential — Norway
Arkitektfirma Hoem plus Folstad


Oak Classic
Thickness 30 mm. Width 350-500 mm. Length 2.5-5 m 
Finish Natural Oil and Lacquer

solid oak flooring natural oil lacquer stavanger kitchen dinesen.jpg

The floors are made of large Italian granite tiles and Oak, the wide planks perfect for the large, airy rooms. The interior doors are also made of wide Oak planks, while Dinesen Oak has been used to create several one-off furniture designs and the many carefully crafted woodwork details that are seen throughout the home. 

solid oak flooring natural oil lacquer stavanger bedroom dinesen.jpg
solid oak flooring natural oil lacquer stavanger wine cellar dinesen.jpg
solid oak flooring natural oil laquer stavanger wine cellar dinesen.jpg

The kitchen is custom-made of Dinesen Oak planks, and the two large staircases that connect the floors have steps made of Dinesen planks.


On the ground floor, one arrives through the beautiful entrance hall, which gives access to the first floor and the basement. On the upper floor, one finds the large living room and the open combined kitchen and family room. The first floor also contains the large master bedroom and a beautiful bathroom with both a tub and a shower stall. The basement contains a small wine cellar and the guest rooms, which enjoy the same stunning views as the rest of this unique house.


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