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Dinesen Curated Widths


Weight of Wood

Weight of Wood is created by Christian+Jade in collaboration with Dinesen – a playful, explorative exhibit to awaken your curiosity about wood.

Weight of Wood explores the life of a tree and wood as a commodity.

On display are tactile, balancing objects made of Dinesen wood, showcasing wood's various weight and inviting you to touch, explore and interact with them.


Visit us during 3daysofdesign 7. – 9. June

Wednesday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm

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Weight of Wood Dinesen x Christian+Jade_Colour.jpg

Which plank floor matches your dreams?


Looking for planks with short delivery times?

Our Stock Collection consists of packages of planks ready to ship within three to five business days. 


Curated Widths

Experience the special effect of a floor in solid planks in varying widths and lengths.


Dinesen Textures

Dinesen Textures

To help you make your architectural visualisations as realistic as possible, we have created Dinesen Textures – a basic package of Dinesen planks converted into wooden flooring 3D textures for you to download for free.



Dinesen Sample Box

With the exclusive Dinesen Sample Box, you get a quick and easy overview of the many combinations of wood types and finishes we offer.



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